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Drew Nichols

He believes that
Great art challenges

He Finds Delight in

some would say he's

He's inspired by


is an artist

who believes that

Challenge and Delight lead us to Experience joy


technical abilities

artistic convention

cultural, political, and financial systems

exclusion, prejudice, and inequity

fast, quirky, subversive storytelling

sizzlin’ music in dark, underground rooms

the big picture, and then the details

long webs of thought

generous, imaginative collaborators

great at crafting stories, lyrics, and music

good at playing keyboards and making jokes

decent at audiovisual production

bad at driving large vehicles

absymal at finding his wallet and keys

these musicals

these films

these musicians

these authors

this supercool woman

check out the blog!

or contact here for collaborations, commissions,

    & winning lottery tickets he forgot to claim!



McCobb Mortality Services

a musical comedy about death, generational conflict, feckless capitalism, and revolution

View highlights from 2019 concert

Learn more about the radio musical recording in production


Bass Butler Space Butler

a radio musical about the Head of Hospitality of an interstellar venture,

his robot side-kick, and a mystery on aboard.

Currently in development with co-writer Chris Okawa

LIVE from Our Living Room

a quarantine concert series starring the glorious Belén Moyano on vocals

Check out the concerts

Behind the Scenes with Drew

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